My Work

With a background as a musician, I gained deep knowledge of the audio process. In my work, I understand what clients need.


My work: producer

Clarity and definition to serve a vision.


My work: Bass player

Bass for a solid foundation.

Sound designer

My work: sound designer

Foley & more for games & cartoons.

My work: latest album

After 1989: A Trip To Freedom (album cover)

After 1989: A Trip To Freedom

A concept album about imprisonment and liberty, released 9 November 2019.

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the tale of how a young man escaped Germany in 1945, while his grandson made the other way round, looking for answers that he could only find in 2017.

Recent publications

Producing Bass Tracks Remotely

Unlock Your Sound published my in-depth analysis about an efficient methodology for remote working.

My article on producing bass remotely on Unlock Your Sound

Free eBook: Music Productivity

As a freelance in the music industry, I devised a cheap, easy and consistent approach to project management.

Efficient Productivity for Music Professionals


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