Sound Design

I combine creativity and logic to create and implement the right sound

Minutes to Midnight sound designer

Passionate about Foley and field recording, I have a 5-year experience in game audio design with one console title deployed.

My sound design is about:
  • 馃幆 Creating the right texture for game or video productions.
  • 鈿欙笍 Implement the audio in the middleware or engine of choice.
  • 馃幇 Give the final touch, with my mastering audio experience.

Sound design productions


I鈥檝e been working as a sound designer for the 3D cartoon series Car City InvenTom, created by Amuse Animation.

Video games

Playstos Entertainment - 'Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy' (Playstation 2 game) - Sound design

In the 2000s, I was the audio team leader for the console game Ruff Trigger – The Vanocore Conspiracy. I directed the soundtrack as well as created and edited all the sound effects.

The following prototype teaser, in short and extended version, is a full-motion extract from a promotional video. All of the sound effects were recorded in the studio using Foley techniques.

Working with audio programmers, I also implemented an adaptive soundtrack within the in-house game engine: MXE漏.

The following playlist can only show the old linear tracks, while at the time I deployed stems divided in adaptable chunks. Similarly to what can be achieved now with audio middleware, they could be played in layers, following the intensity and the mood of the gameplay.


Noise removal

Using iZotope RX‘s spectral editing, I cleaned up a squeaky hi-hat pedal sound from a Pro Tools session.

Tuning correction

In a recording with dozens of string instruments, a few takes were slightly skewing the intonation of an otherwise great performance.

Audio restoration

Audio cleaning on a famous 1968 live recording by Robert Francis Kennedy.

Drum doubling

I converted a mono drum overhead to MIDI, applied my virtual drum kit and re-created the missing ambient.


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