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📝 My brand new website is live

I finally published my brand new website. Leaving the WordPress ecosystem felt good: a massive change with consequences over many aspect of my online presence.


  • migrating to the static site generator Jekyll and deploying to Netlify set me free from my hosting provider, saving me money.
  • as everything is now built from scratch by myself, I have full control over code, images and the whole process of publishing my content.
  • getting rid of the cumbersome and vulnerable server-side mechanism behind a database-driven system such as WordPress, meant reducing my files weight by an incredible 89%.
  • the website is fully accessible from all devices.
  • it runs on renewable energy servers and its light weight and absence of third-party scripts contribute to make it fully sustainable as well.
  • The content has also been reorganized. I now embrace both my skills: audio and web design. A new work page is centered around case studies.

Read the post ↗︎ and check it out.

Speak soon.