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πŸ“ New site, new music

My new website is finally complete. A new case study highlights how I transitioned from WordPress to Jekyll, making a success of it regarding workflow, performance and sustainability.

Read the project analysis β†—οΈŽ.

On the music side:

  • I’ve been recording new bass tracks for Antiquity. They’ll be soon on Bandcamp.
  • I’ve started working on my next album. The concept is about migration in Europe and it should be made of 5 songs, likely two in Italian β€” bookending the album β€” and three in English.

The new album, tentatively titled Crossing The Rubicon, will be produced by myself, with a very compact line-up. I will be working with two sets of people, one per language. For the English section I’ll be joined by multi-instrumentalist Gerald Duchene from New York and the amazing singer Rachel Goodman from Augusta (Georgia).

For the Italian section I’ll be working with fellow producer and multi-instrumentalist Emilio Albertoni from my hometown Ravenna, with whom I released a single last year titled Non sai chi sono β†—οΈŽ.

In other news, I joined Mastodon a week ago, enjoying its noticeable difference from Twitter and mainstream social media. So far so good. Read the Mastodon update β†—οΈŽ.

Hopefully this would be one of my last newsletters using Mailchimp. I’m looking forward to transitioning to a simpler provider. I’m not really interested in email marketing or tracking people, I’d rather keep tabs with people I care about.

Speak soon.