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💬 Newsletter May 2022

I’ve been working hard on my web design skills lately. Learned several new things, which I then applied to my website and promoted on my Mastodon account. I have recorded bass tracks on a couple new songs and re-published an EP on Spotify.

I’ve also ditched Mailchimp completely, hence this email isn’t coming from there: no more tracking, no more external privacy policies. You can also follow new issues with an RSS reader; all the Instructions for changing your address or unsubscribing are in the signature.

The newsletter is also changing format: inspired by Silvia and her Design, Digested I’m going to share two or three links from my various activities plus a couple more from elsewhere that I think are interesting.

👨🏻‍💻 News from my website, May 2022

Life after social networks and joining Mastodon

My point of view about the pros of being outside mainstream social networks for the last 19 months, and joining the Fediverse.

‘The Die is Cast’ on Spotify

My EP The Die Is Cast, produced with Antiquity and published last year on Bandcamp, is now also on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

A human-readable RSS feed with Jekyll

I love RSS. However, by using a third-party plugin to automatically generate the feed, I didn’t pay attention to how it could be improved. An occasional discussion on Mastodon prompted me to a change.

🎵 Music I liked

I bought on Bandcamp a 2019 album by Chelsea Jade, Personal Best. I find this kind of well-produced sophisticated pop attractive and relaxing. While I’m usually not into pop, I like to keep an eye on the genre, always keen to broad my music interests.

🤝 People I met online

Every since I joined Mastodon, I met quite a few interesting people, more than I initially expected. Today I’d like to link to Raymond Hines’ blog. Ray is a lifelong entrepreneur who began a nomadic life on the road in 2016. He’s been living in a tiny camper ever since.