Music Review

New music: ‘Rings’, by Cameron Hassard

Rings is the debut album from Berlin-based recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Cameron Hassard.Continue readingNew music: ‘Rings’, by Cameron Hassard

Workflow Technology

Backup and audio archival

A quick explanation of my strategy for saving and preserving audio material, both for personal use and for my clients.Continue readingBackup and audio archival

Collaborations Mixing Music Production

‘Hidden Music’, by Dan Ecclestone

Dan Ecclestone’s solo album, ‘Hidden Music’, is out now. Recorded by Sam Inglis, mixed by Minutes to Midnight, mastered by Ian Shepherd.Continue reading‘Hidden Music’, by Dan Ecclestone

Music Release Video

‘After 1989’ Anniversary: New Video

A year ago today, on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I published my debut solo album, “After 1989: A Trip to Freedom”. Continue reading‘After 1989’ Anniversary: New Video

Bass DAW Production

Article: How to Produce Bass Tracks Remotely in 7 Stages

My article, “Producing Bass Tracks Remotely” has been published by Unlock Your Sound.Continue readingArticle: How to Produce Bass Tracks Remotely in 7 Stages

Personal Politics

Back to the Future: Leaving the UK

I spent the last month and a half leaving the UK. Besides moving house, city, country there were two lingering monsters: a global pandemic, and a massive feeling of betrayal.Continue readingBack to the Future: Leaving the UK