Resources & Discounts

Minutes to Midnight Studio (Detail)

In this page, I’m sharing discounts for premium products and the free resources I’ve been using to build this website and keep running my small business.

Some of these companies have allowed me to use affiliate links, so whenever you sign up through them, you’re also helping Minutes to Midnight. Cheers!

Table of Content

  1. Trello (Project management)
  2. Todoist (Project management)
  3. Zapier (Automation)
  4. WordPress (Website)
  5. WP Rocket (WordPress performance)
  6. AudioTheme (WordPress theme)
  7. WordPress Customisation
  8. Backblaze (Cloud Backup)



Trello is a project management web app, owned by Atlassian. Whether you’re a sole trader or part of a company, it allows you to collaborate with your team or your clients.

Trello for project management

Todoist lets you keep track of everything in one place, so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way.

Todoist for project management


Zapier connect apps and automate workflows. I’ve been using Zapier to speed up my project management and connect my online forms to Trello and Todoist.

Zapier for automating tasks



WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog or app. 31% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

I’ve been using WordPress to build websites for a long time, including the years I spent as a designer & coder.

WordPress to build websites


WP Rocket, Superior WordPress Performance

I can’t stress enough how the performance (real and perceived) of your website is important.

Although I’ve spent a long time perfecting my manual improvements to WordPress themes codebase, for my website I’ve decided to turn to a professional plugin, WP Rocket.

It’s super easy to use and it does a fantastic job.

Minimal Configuration with Immediate Results

Don’t waste your time struggling with complex plugin settings. WP Rocket launches upon activation.


Audiotheme - Websites for people who make music

AudioTheme builds themes for people who make music, giving you the tools to create beautiful, functionally sound websites that work on all of your devices.


WordPress allows advanced users to create child themes, whose aim is to customise the parent theme without altering its code. Therefore, whenever the main theme gets an update, the personalisations won’t be affected.

If you need an ad-hoc advanced personalisation for your website or theme, I strongly recommend the guys at UI Farm Ltd, a fantastic London-based web agency who specialises in custom WordPress and responsive design.

Write the promo code MIN2MID-UIFARM in their contact form, to get your 10% discount on their offer:



With Backblaze Unlimited Backup you never lose a file again with the world’s easiest cloud backup. Get peace of mind knowing your files are backed up securely in the cloud.