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Online cv of Simone Silvestroni, sound and web designer since 1995. Contains skills, tools, work experience, projects, certifications and endorsements.

Table of contents

Skills and tools

Sound design

Besides being a professional bassist, I’m an expert in music production, especially mixing and mastering. After a long experience with Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Sound Forge, the tools I’m currently digging the most are REAPER and iZotope RX. After deciding to go back to game audio, I’m currently deeply involved in learning Audiokinetic’s Wwise and FMOD.

I also write and release original music and enjoy field recording and Foley techniques.

Web design

I’ve been crafting websites from scratch with HTML and CSS since the late 1990s, later using PHP to generate the markup and SASS for the stylesheets. I adopted WordPress as my platform of choice since version 1.5, becoming an expert and building custom themes and plug-ins. I make a point of putting performance, usability and sustainability at the forefront. I’m well versed in graphic tools such as Figma, Sketch and DTP software like Adobe InDesign.

I can set up, run and maintain local and remote web servers in Apache, PHP, MySQL either through a GUI or SSH. I recently moved to JAMstack and static site generators with headless CMS, especially digging Jekyll with its Liquid template language and Netlify for deployment and production builds. I use git as a versioning system.


Sound and web designer at Minutes to Midnight

September 2017 — present (Cambridge, UK / Milan, Italy)

Full music production, bass tracks, mixing and mastering. Web design and front-end development.



Front-end web developer at UI Farm Ltd

May 2012 — September 2017 (London, UK)

Co-founder, web designer and UI developer, I worked for clients like Reevoo, Not On The High Street, UniCredit, Women Management and many others. At UI Farm I contributed to building a bespoke responsive framework on top of WordPress, featuring semantic patterns, a fluid grid and custom plugins. Handcrafted using PHP (HTML5), SASS (CSS3), JavaScript and SVG.



Senior UI developer at Bodog

September 2011 — May 2012 (London, UK)

Developed gaming and sports applications and accompanying websites, using SASS, Compass, Drupal, jQuery, LAMP, SVN, Web Typography within an Agile environment.

Sound designer and UI developer at New Energy / Part of Accenture

January 2005 — September 2011 (Milan, Italy)

Initially working for a subsidiary company, I designed and distributed audio and video content for major mobile providers, including TIM, Three and Vodafone. I then fully joined New Energy as a UI developer, ending up leading a multi-discipline UX team, composed by programmers, designers and online market specialists. Within that role, I contributed to the development of UniCredit’s corporate websites, their online banking system, the online acquisition landing pages and forms.

I also produced mockups and working prototypes for the usability tests; helped to set up the internal usability lab and led the A/B testing workflow, including R&D for eye-tracking.

Lead Game Audio Engineer at Playstos Entertainment

January 2000 — January 2005 (Milan, Italy)

Team leader and sound designer for the title Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy, published by Natsume for PlayStation 2. I was in charge of: adaptive soundtrack, sound effects, Foley recording and audio implementation using the in-house engine. For a year, I worked with XACT for Xbox, before the platform was dropped in favour of PS2. Versioning and backup with Alienbrain.

I built the internal sound studio from scratch, managing three computers in audio/MIDI sync. In 2002, I attended the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, CA and joined the Game Audio Network Guild as a Bronze Member on the day of its foundation.



  • 🇮🇹 Italian: native
  • 🇺🇸 English: bilingual proficiency
  • 🇩🇪 German: elementary

Certifications and courses


Sound design

When passion goes beyond working duties… here’s Simone. Addiction and reliability are two great details you cant easily find nowadays in a professional and he gets both. — Jean-Claude Nouchy, FX Supervisor at Scanline VFX

What’s always impressed me about Simone is his attention to detail, which he demonstrates in every area of his work. Not only is he a prolific producer and bassist, but he easily comprehends and executes on the most abstract concepts across tech, audio, marketing, branding, and visual arts. When you work with Simone, everything is down, documented, and organised, which makes it very easy to work with him directly or in the context of a team. — Christopher Carvalho, Founder at Unlock Your Sound

Simone is a gifted musician, producer and all round creative, with every project we have worked on being greatly improved by his talents. Impressive technical proficiency with various DAWs (ProTools, Wavelab, RX) as well as the creative knowledge to craft with them what ever is required for the project. When working with Simone, his precise and detailed manor make him an excellent addition to any project or team. — Chris Pavey, Mastering engineer at CPM

Web design

Simply put, Simone is one of the finest, and most passionate front-end developers that I have every come across. His knowledge on UI and UX is vast and combine this with his front-end development skills, he is one of the finest front end developers out there. It was a pleasure to manage and work with Simone and I hope to get the chance again in the future. — Neil Kenneth Palmer, VP of product development at C6 Marketing

Simone was an integral member of our team. His passion for the web and careful and persistent work ethic meant that he delivered consistently above expectations. His initiative is impressive. His experience makes him an expert in his field; has a firm understanding of front end web. With his sharp sense of humor, he would make a wonderful addition to any web team! — Michelle Anderson, staff engineer at Deliveroo

My experience of working with Simone has always been very positive and enjoyable. Simone always takes a pragmatic and investigative approach to finding solutions for our needs and has very friendly and helpful attitude. His attention to detail makes him always deliver perfect coded products, saving us time and concerns on the web projects he develops. — Gabriele Rosati, UX and interaction design manager at UniCredit

Minutes to Midnight

I create and produce sound and music across multiple media and make websites using Jekyll or WordPress. Professional bass player, composer and field recordist.

Minutes to Midnight


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