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The Die is Cast (EP preview)

New mini EP released today, in collaboration with Antiquity. Introducing the topics of my next concept album, ‘The Die is Cast’.Continue readingThe Die is Cast (EP preview)

Personal Politics

Back to the Future: Leaving the UK

I spent the last month and a half leaving the UK. Besides moving house, city, country there were two lingering monsters: a global pandemic, and a massive feeling of betrayal.Continue readingBack to the Future: Leaving the UK

Personal Social Media

Escape From Social Media

Finally, I’m leaving social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit — redirecting my attention and my time to something more productive.Continue readingEscape From Social Media

Music Personal Production

‘Skinny Kid’ Song Backstory

How an arrangement for another band became the first single and lead song of Minutes to Midnight’s concept album ‘After 1989’.Continue reading‘Skinny Kid’ Song Backstory

Personal Brand

Minutes to Midnight: The Brand

The process to create name and logo for my music business. I am my brand, tied to an unstable and risky world on the brink of war.Continue readingMinutes to Midnight: The Brand