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Specifics about the hardware and software equipment I use. The page is part of the project.

On the desk

The desk is a Quik-Lok Z-250 Triple Shelf Workstation, bought in London in 2011. A maxed out Mid-2015 MacBook Pro i7 running macOS Sonoma is connected to an Apple Magic Keyboard 2, a Logitech M350 Pebble mouse, and a 27-in Dell screen. Several external drives are connected to an Anker USB hub. An Audient iD14 audio interface feeds a Yamaha HS5 pair of speakers, while a Novation Launchkey Mini MkII serves as my main MIDI controller (a Korg Micro KEY 66 and a Behringer X-Touch One are also available). I work a lot with headphones, which are the Ollo S4X, and the Sony MDR-7506.


An iPhone SE (2019) running the latest iOS has my UK number, and it’s my daily rider. An iPhone SE (1st gen) running iOS 15 has my Italian number, while my old Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 running a custom ROM with the latest Android 13 is used to manage Italian bureaucracy on behalf of my parents. I read ebooks with a 2015 Kobo Glo.

Music instruments

An Hercules AGS Tri-guitar stand holds my Warwick Thumb bass (1991), the Fender Jazz fretless bass (2014), and a Fender Stratocaster. Both basses are fed to a Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver v2.

Audio equipment

In my field recording bag I have a Zoom H5, Ulanzy mini tripod MT-08, Movo shock mount, Zoom XY stereo mic, Zoom SSH-6 mid-side stereo shotgun mic, Telephone pick-up coil mic, Korg contact microphone CM-300. Moreover, a Shure SM58, Røde NT5 condenser matched pair with SB20 stereo bar, Thomann SC 1100 studio large diaphragm microphone.



I use a ton of software for audio, design and code, however, I’m only going to list the essential tools. My main Digital Audio Workstation is REAPER 7, but I occasionally use Logic Pro 10.8 and Reason 8. iZotope RX 6 Standard is still my go-to for audio editing and restoration.

Audio plug-ins that I use regularly include iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced, Soundtoys, Waves, Tokyo Dawn, XLN Addictive Drums and Keys, Voxengo, Kilohearts, Klanghelm, AudioThing.

For video game authoring, I use Audiokinetic Wwise and Unity.


Sublime Text 4, iA Writer, Typora, Visual Studio Code (for C# Unity projects). I use macOS’ native Terminal, Kaleidoscope 2 for git conflicts/merge, and Sublime Merge. Packages are managed with Homebrew.


The Affinity suite (Designer, Photo, Publisher), Sketch (legacy projects), Graphic Converter 12, ImageOptim, Figma if needed.


Safari has once again become my primary. I also use Firefox for dev work, Ungoogled Chromium and Lynx for dev testing. My RSS reader is NetNewsWire, while I reopened my account with Instapaper for reading later lists.


IINA, VLC, yt-dlp, LosslessCut, Handbrake.


To synchronise files between devices I rely on Syncthing, Transmit, and Commander One. My backup workflow is managed using Carbon Copy Cloner.